Burano just a vaporetto ride away: how to get there easily and quickly from Treporti.

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Burano, impossible not to recognize it. Each island in the Venetian Lagoon has its own peculiarity, the distinctive trait that makes it unique. Needless to say, but we’ll do it anyway, Burano is famous for its colorful little houses, or rather, extremely colorful, for the production of typical Merletto and for the fairy-tale atmosphere you experience walking around it.

Burano and its extremely colorful little houses.

Such uniqueness could only arise in a place that, looking at the maps, could be defined as intimate and remote. Burano is indeed located north of Venice, about 40 minutes of navigation with the ACTV line 12, and very close to the equally famous Torcello and practically at the opposite side of Pellestrina and San Pietro in Volta.

Burano can only be reached by water transport, therefore unlike Venice, where cars can circulate in a tiny part, here we must completely rely on navigation, thus having the opportunity to discover the fantastic lagoon natural setting.

Alternative rainbows

Burano was founded by the exiles from the Roman city of Altino, who fled to the lagoon to escape the Huns of Attila and the Lombards.

Why are the houses in Burano colorful?
The origin of this tradition is attributed to the fact that fishermen, driven by thick fogs, wanted to make their homes easily recognizable in case of return in adverse weather conditions.


Is there a more convenient way to get to Burano?
Of course there is! All you need to do is drive (or cycling is not a bad idea either) to Treporti and set the parking lot at Via della Ricevitoria, near Darsena Marina Fiorita, as your destination (paid parking with rates ranging from 5 to 15€ up to 24 hours). From there, in a few steps, you can reach the ACTV Treporti stop which, following the itinerary in the opposite direction to what you would do from Venice, will take you to Burano in total comfort in less than 15′ of navigation. For costs, please refer to the Transport Association’s website here.

But once you arrive, what can you do in Burano?
You can visit the Merletto’s Museum, taste lagoon food and typical wines (especially those originating from the nearby Mazzorbo island connected to Burano by a bridge), discover unique souvenirs, visit the Church of San Martino with its particular leaning bell tower.

But in your opinion, when is the best time to visit Burano?
I recommend visiting during the spring or the first days of March, when the days begin to lengthen. Arriving before 11 am in the morning can help you avoid the crowds coming from Venice and allow you to enjoy the island in an even more authentic way. However, don’t forget that Burano can also be a fabulous setting for your photos and special moments at sunset and in the evening.

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Venezia ai tempi del covid 19 – Maggio 2020

Questo video nasce nel maggio 2020 con lo scopo di lasciare un ricordo a tutti noi di una Venezia surreale; il suo fascino intramontabile risulta amplificato dall’assordante silenzio circostante, una sensazione davvero particolare.


Un insolito fotogramma di Piazza San Marco deserta – maggio 2020

Il virus ci ha messo tutti in ginocchio, ma sicuramente troveremo la forza di alzare gli occhi al cielo e passare oltre a questa mesta tappa.

La speranza è che questa pandemia finisca il prima possibile, per il bene di ognuno di noi.

Un grazie a Christian per aver ispirato questa passeggiata e dato inconsapevolmente forza all’idea.


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