Exploring Libreria Acqua Alta: A Hidden Treasure of Venice, the Most Beautiful in the World

Dear Dreamers, today I want to talk to you about another place close to my heart, the Libreria Acqua Alta in Venice

Have you never visited it? What a shame! Inside, you will find books from every era and occasion, all displayed in a unique way, with a stack of books here, a bathtub filled with texts there – in short, a source of curiosity at every glance.

You can even look out to the nearby canal and see a gondola pass by simply by climbing a staircase made of books, a unique way of recycling books that have been contaminated by mold or damaged by time.

And where else can you stroke a sleeping cat in a box of postcards in a bookstore? Only here!

If happens to be in Venice, make sure to stop by and visit the Libreria Acqua Alta. I’m sure you’ll thank me later!