Piccola farmacia letteraria in Florence: A Hidden Gem for Book Lovers

Can a book heal us?

Well, yes, we all know by now that there are infinite “healing” philosophies, and mind you, I am not delving into an unofficial universe of sciences, but rather I am delving into the microcosm of “Literary Healing”.

We live in years that are far from carefree, made up of a speed and rhythm that perhaps not even the least astute futurists (members of the eponymous movement) would have been able to imagine.

With just a click, we can order anything, at any time and with delivery times that are incomparable to the past.

And yet, the soul of things, that authentic taste, made of waiting and conquest, no longer has the same intensity.

It’s beautiful then to discover that, among so many videos, so many ideas and tutorials that want to solve everything, but never truly solve anything, someone has thought of creating the “Piccola Farmacia Letteraria” for our soul and emotions.

We must thank Elena Molini and her deep conviction that a good book can heal our soul. She, together with her sister Ester and two other fearless women, is the staff behind the success of: Piccola Farmacia Letteraria.

As they themselves say on their official website, they have been able to identify and catalog many books that today cover about eighty different moods, attitudes, and feelings.

A real panacea against inner maladies and the offspring of these times that are so little projected towards introspection.

In this blog, there has always been room for curiosity, poetry, and the unusual. I myself recently made a gift from their wonderful catalog of “products for every need,” choosing a BOX to better manage my resentment.

But the “symptoms” and “moods” curable with these BOXes are many, here are some: Resentment, Anxiety, Love with Heart Fixers, Luck with Continuous Bad Luck, and then Take it with Philosophy and Smart Working for Young Groundhogs.

The genius lies in simple ideas, and Elena’s idea is truly incredible and is garnering enormous success.

Given the current historical period, I hope to be able to visit their store in Florence as soon as possible, but for those who want and can, here is the address: La Piccola Farmacia Letteraria is located at Via di Ripoli 7/R, Florence.

Instagram: @piccolafarmacialetteraria

And finally, if you too are annoyed by people who bother you with their opinions while you build your life… well… here’s a perfect gift idea “branded” by the Farmacia Letteraria.


To all my dear readers, thank you for your continued support. Please feel free to share this article far and wide… sending a virtual hug your way!


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