Polaroid or Instax – what to choose, what alternatives and why…

Back to the future, one might exclaim, as the signal of a return to a world of photography that includes its analog version, particularly in the form of instant photography, is becoming increasingly clear.

It almost feels like going back to the 70s, but with all the comforts of the present moment. In fact, while in the past we may not have had a choice about printing our shots, today we can sometimes choose.

But first, let’s clarify: “how many and what formats of instant photos are available on the market?” If you’re wondering, here’s the answer with a small supporting graphic that doesn’t claim to explain everything, but most cases and possibilities.

Aesthetic analog film frame vector vintage style photography

We cannot forget the role that Fujifilm has carved out for itself alongside Polaroid with its Instax mini series: Instax mini.

insta mini series

Take a good look at them, they are totally analog, they appeal to young people, but not only them. They have literally taken the market by storm for their practicality, and despite the fact that the photo is technically the smallest among all those offered by various brands, it has fascinated everyone, enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike.

The printing format used by these machines, and their various versions, is the Fujifilm mini format, which is enriched with many variations ranging from colorful graffiti frames to stone gray, comics, rainbows, and even black and white photos.

Free to share, free to create, therefore!

As shown in the graphic, Fujifilm also offers panoramic “Wide” and square “Square” formats to provide a range that can satisfy any scene.

Of course, Polaroid did not stand still and renewed itself mainly by following its tradition, namely the photographic format that bears its name, the Polaroid photo! In particular, the Polaroid Now takes center stage with its colorful ranges and traditional formats, winning over all age groups with various types of photographic paper, also including black and white.

Polaroid has also felt the influence of Instax and in addition to its classic format, it offers the Polaroid Go, with a square photo like the Square.

What makes the difference in the choice is the word “size”. Do I choose a model because it is small and portable or do I choose Polaroid because I want an instant photo but as large as possible?

There is therefore no one-size-fits-all answer, look inside yourself, understand what you are interested in doing and how to do it will come naturally.

As a side note, moving on to Zink printers, there are many brands available because the technology at its base is shared, that is, a paper that already contains the pigment and that varies in color depending on the temperature printed on it.

The range includes all the “classic” brands and some outsiders, with mostly similar results.

The advantage here is in choosing the photo on the phone and…printing! Nothing could be simpler, right?

Here’s some samples:

And here some exceptions:

How does Zink work?

Zink by Canon Zooming – Feat. Pandoro

The Zink printers convert digital into analog, they don’t have the mysterious charm of an instant photo where the quality, good or bad, is only revealed after a few minutes, but they play an important role in how we construct our memories.

Finally, are you unsatisfied and craving for “Square” or “Postcard” size photos? Canon’s Selphy series is perfect for you! Check it out here.

These printers are based on thermal sublimation technology, which uses 4 layers (3 base colors: red, blue, yellow plus a protective layer) to produce professional-quality photos at home.

So, I wish you to meet good light for your photos and… hope this post let print more photos!


dì la tua!

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